Govt likely to impose lockdown from next week

KATHMANDU: With the surge of the new variant of COVID-19 infection cases in the country, the government is introducing a new health protocol today.

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Ishwar Pokharel is addressing the nation to make an appeal to the people to adhere to the new health safety measures warning that the new variant of COVID-19 is spreading across the country.

According to the plan, the government will create an awareness campaign in the first one week and make an appeal to strictly adhere to the implementation of health code of conduct.

If the infection cases go out of control, the government will go for stricter measures including lockdown from the next the week, said Law Minister Leela Nath Shrestha.

According to Minister Shrestha, the drivers and co-drives of the public vehicles are required to ensure that the health safety measures are adopted during the travel. The responsibility to implement the health protocol at schools rests with the principals and vice principals of the respective schools.

Meanwhile, the government will call for a strict adoption of health protocols including social distancing rules at dance bars, movie halls and those places where people usually crowd in.

If the people fail to comply with the health code of conduct, the government will impose restrictions including lockdown, said Minister Shrestha.

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